Estate Planning
Incapacity protection, probate avoidance, distribution planning and estate tax planning.

Estate Administration
Probate services, trust administration, estate tax return preparation and asset retitling.

Fiduciary Services
Serving as or advising the trustee, executor and/or agent.

Business Succession Planning
Planning for the succession of management and ownership of your business.

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What Clients are Saying

"When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we knew the best way to plan for his arrival was to ensure we had a plan in place for him and our assets, should anything happen to us. What I appreciated most about Vaughan, Fincher & Sotelo was their willingness to educate us on the legal instruments available to us. It was never, “Here, sign this.” They educated us, and we made the decisions. And when we were uncertain and asked, “What would you do?” They weren’t afraid to give us an opinion. The result? Our son and our assets are now well protected. I would use them again, hands down."

Sara, Falls Church, VA